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Workplace and educational training in zoom online video meetings and webinars.

Zoom is a popular, user-friendly online platform for online video meetings and webinars. It is free to use for students and attendees of the meeting. There are free and paid plans available for hosts and organisers.

DIY Digital is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Training sessions are conducted online at times suitable for organisations located in Australia and are offered both within business hours and evenings.



Written training document with screenshots and trouble-shooting tips for first time zoom users. Emailed to all participants prior to online meeting.

Online zoom meeting demonstrating use and features of zoom meetings and webinars, including

  • Meetings vs Webinars
  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Typical setting options
  • Joining by Phone
  • Screenshare
  • Whiteboard
  • Annotating Presentations
  • Breakout Rooms (if time allows & relevant to workplace or school)

Participants will be able to experiment with the zoom features in a test environment. Session can be customised to workplace or school needs.

Follow up written training documents with screen shots include

  • How to Set up a Meeting
  • How to Set up a Webinar
  • How to Host a Meeting
  • Meetings vs Webinars



Check out availability for sessions using our online calendar. Sessions times may be available beyond what is shown in the calendar, feel free to contact Fiona on 0400 835 161 to discuss your organisation’s needs and customise your online video meeting and webinar training to suit.

To secure your spot immediately, book online. View and Book Zoom Training Session here. As part of the online booking process you will share with us your name and email address. When we see the booking come into our inbox, we will email you and chat to you about what your specific needs are.


We confirm your scheduled time.

You’ll send us the names and email addresses of up to 12 employees or team members who are to participate in the training.

We then email those staff members or students directly with an invitation to join the online video meeting. This first email is part of their training, as they get to experience what receiving an online meeting invitation looks and feels like. We also include a first timer’s .pdf information document in this email. We will not store this email address or use it for any other purpose, other than to conduct the training.

We conduct the training via an online video meeting at the scheduled time.

We send follow up written training material.

We invoice you.

And that’s it!



Test us out first.

We’re conducting Zoom Training for individuals. Sign up for one of our Zoom Training webinars on Eventbrite and meet Fiona online first.  See how she conducts training and if her style is right for your team.

The individual Zoom Training will be slightly different to the workplace online video meeting training – but you’ll get an idea and be able to check Fiona out in a no obligation environment before making a decision for your workplace.


Fiona does a great job at presenting voluminous information simply and step by step, covering the essentials. Happy to answer questions and to help. Gifted.

Dijana Jevremov

Engagement Coordinator, Department for Environment and Water


This training is best suited to teachers, staff and team members who are transitioning from a class or office to working from home.

The session is most useful to those people who need to set up and organise the meeting or webinar. However staff who need to participate in zoom meetings, especially those who are a little nervous at the prospect, will benefit from trying zoom out in a test environment.


AUD $350

Up to 12 staff per session.


Zoom Training webinars available for individuals – see our upcoming webinars here.

If Continuous Professional Development points are being allocated for this training, please let us know beforehand and we’ll arrange the necessary paperwork.

Please contact us with any questions, or to book your session, using the form below.

Fiona I attended your workshop and found it informative and easy to follow. You have a great teaching style and I took away practical steps to put into place. Thanks again.

Jo Puplett

Director, Elevate Your Look

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