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Online Marketing for Baby Boomers

... and anyone else who doesn't speak geek

Except for early adopters and experimenters, if you were born before 1970 you didn’t grow up with computers. This can make it hard for baby boomers, and some Gen X’ers, to keep up with their Millennial counterparts.

Many baby boomer business owners and club volunteers procrastinate with their online marketing and, as a result, are missing out on the opportunities the internet offers them.

This book demystifies the dark arts of digital marketing so business owners of any age can embrace the technology and grow their business online.

What the book includes:

  • 17 case studies - from lawyers to aged care products to an engineering firm to a cake shop – the case studies look at how digital marketing has been used by real businesses.
  • Next steps to inspire you to get started or re-energise your marketing.
  • 9 templates for you to hone in and clarify your ideas and thoughts for social media content, Google advertising, marketing strategy and more.
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About the Author

Fiona has a Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. She has worked in national marketing roles in Australia with the Medic Alert Foundation, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and Multiple Sclerosis. She has 15 years’ experience in fundraising and marketing in the not-for-profit sector in South Australia.

At 50 years old Fiona started her own business, DIY Digital. As a Gen X’er she has helped many of her own generation, plus plenty of Baby Boomers.

Fiona is the Digital Marketing business advisor with several local government councils in South Australia. In this role she hears from, and speaks with many sole traders and small business owners. She understands what challenges them in their day to day online marketing.

A passionate supporter of the #ShopLocal movement, Fiona regularly presents seminars and workshops on Google, Mailchimp, SEO and online marketing techniques.

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