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Step-by-step videos with screenshots, examples, explanations and demonstrations. Carefully created and produced video tutorials. Regularly updated. SEO video tutorials including;

  • Google Search Results
  • Keywords
  • Meta-Descriptions
  • Domain Names and Slugs
  • Heading One
  • Writing content for SEO
  • Using on page SEO content tool for websites that are not WordPress
  • Using on page SEO content tool for WordPress websites
  • SEO vs Ads

This course focusses on On-Page SEO (as distinct from technical SEO).



On-Page SEO is best for small, local businesses who have a multi-page website and are willing, capable and committed to writing plenty of text on their site. It suits e-commerce websites, sites with several pages describing the services provided and/or businesses who are writing or intending to write blog or news articles. Businesses who have benefited from implenting the strategies outlined in these videos include;

  • gift shop
  • exercise and fitness therapist
  • shoe shop
  • bodycare and healthcare business
  • construction supply business
  • finance broker
  • education counsellor
  • marketing consultant
  • travel consultant


AUD $197+GST

Fiona has the (unique in this space) ability to explain complex matters in a simple way, enabling the participant to move forward from where they are at. She was very responsive to questions during our coaching session. I now have a way forward with SEO for my website. SEO for beginners is great value and practically focussed. Fiona’s skills are very valuable in a space so crammed with “technonerds”.

Alan Crocker

Please Yourself Travel

Beginning the process of learning about all this stuff that I’m not particularly interested in! Thank you for your video; you did a great job summarising what would have been a LOT of reading. I found you interesting to listen to and appreciate your presentation. Very helpful. Thank you.

Katherine Stinson

SEO in 15minutes YouTube viewer

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