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Learn @ DIY Digital offers digital marketing training for small business owners.

$100 - $450 +GST
Grow your business Google Ads

Google Ads for beginners

A unique, road-tested training package that shows you how to grow your business using Google Ads.

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$100 - $450 +GST
My First Newsletter MailChimp

E-Newsletters for beginners

Newsletters and email marketing continually perform other digital marketing methods for return on investment and time.

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$150 - $600 +GST
SEO Search Engine Optimisation

SEO for beginners

Learn how to optimise pages on your website. Especially suitable for e-commerce websites or multi-page sites.

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Divid for Website Editors

Divi Training

Step by step Divi training to learn how to edit text and replace images for your WordPress website.

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