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SEO Complete Package


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a range of techniques to get your website to show up on page one on Google.

Our course is a unique, road-tested implementation and training package that optimises a page on your website and then shows you how to optimise your other pages.

There are no monthly costs, ongoing fees or lock-in contracts.

At the end of this course you'll understand the key concepts of content or on-page SEO. You'll be able to write optimised blog articles, update service pages and edit product pages. You'll understand the key metrics, jargon and concepts.


This course is best for small, local businesses who have a multi-page website and are willing, capable and committed to writing plenty of text on their site. It suits e-commerce websites, sites with several pages describing the services provided and/or businesses who are writing or intending to write blog or news articles. Businesses who have benefited from this course include

  • gift shop
  • exercise and fitness therapist
  • shoe shop
  • bodycare and healthcare business
  • construction supply business
  • finance broker
  • education counsellor
  • marketing consultant
  • travel consultant


Our unique and road tested training is perfect for do-it-yourself sole traders and small business owners. A blend of videos, personal coaching and implementation. The best digital marketing courses available to small businesses and sole traders.


  • Ask questions
  • Share screens
  • Pro tips individualised to you


  • Your training is not theoretical
  • We do the set up
  • Apply what you have learnt in your own online account


  • Play and pause at your own convenience
  • Provide step by step how-to’s
  • Future Reference

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With our easy to follow videos and personal coaching session this is the best package available to sole traders and small businesses.

Benefit from practical, hands-on training delivered over 6 weeks to give you plenty of time to put into practice what you learn. Self-paced learning by video, activities and quizzes, using your own website. Backed up with the opportunity to ask questions in the coaching session.

At the end of the course you’ll understand what keywords are and how to use them to write content on your site.

This step-by-step method will give you the knowledge and confidence to optimise your own site.

Your trainer is Fiona Blinco, author of "Online Marketing for Baby Boomers; and anyone else who doesn't speak geek".

Meet your trainer and find out more about how our training is delivered here.

Fiona has the (unique in this space) ability to explain complex matters in a simple way, enabling the participant to move forward from where they are at. She was very responsive to questions during our coaching session. I now have a way forward with SEO for my website. SEO for beginners is great value and practically focussed. Fiona's skills are very valuable in a space so crammed with "technonerds".

Alan Crocker

Please Yourself Travel

Fiona does a great job at presenting voluminous information simply and step by step, covering the essentials. Happy to answer questions and to help. Gifted.

Dijana Jevremov

Engagement Coordinator, Department for Environment and Water

Beginning the process of learning about all this stuff that I'm not particularly interested in! Thank you for your video; you did a great job summarising what would have been a LOT of reading. I found you interesting to listen to and appreciate your presentation. Very helpful. Thank you.

Katherine Stinson

SEO in 15minutes YouTube viewer



Optimise one page on website$250
Update meta-description
Update page title
Update product or service page with keyword rich content
Research and evaluate customer friendly keywords$297
Report with search volume on 50 - 120 keywords and phrases relevant to your business
Useful keyword resource for businesses in highly competitive environments
One hour one-on-one consultation$150
One hour of phone, zoom or email support is included in this package
Explain what was done and why
Exclusive Step-by-Step Training Videos$197
Google Search Results
Headings and Domain Names
Writing Content for SEO
Using on page SEO content tool for websites that are not WordPress
Using on page SEO content tool for WordPress websites

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Prices are given in Australian Dollars. Plus 10% GST. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a course and you are not an Australian business. We can invoice you separately without the GST.

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